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Fresh anointing power

God allows your trial because He wants to make you “devil-proof”! That does not mean you will not be attacked again but you will be trained to stand! It is all part of His preparing you for greater service, greater anointing and expanded usefulness in His kingdom.

Furthermore, the Lord is trying to strengthen you against the devil’s wiles. He is raising up a body of believers who have faced the devil, who have been strengthened against him, and who know his devices and are not afraid of him! God is saying, “Once you understand why you are going through this, you will have taken back all the ground you lost. You will be in control again – by the power of the Holy Spirit!”

Once Elijah’s trial was over (see 1 Kings 19) he would never run again. He now had a sense of direction and he was reassured in his spirit. You see, God was about to send him to nations to raise up kings, leaders and prophets!

God told Elijah: “Go, return on your way…anoint Hazael as king over Syria…anoint Jehu…as king over Israel. And Elisha…you shall anoint as prophet in your place” (1 Kings 19:15-16). Elijah had been given fresh anointing power. He was in control again!

“So he departed from there” (verse 19). Elijah came out of the cave to do God’s will! He did not have to shed a river of tears. No, he simply had heard the Word of the Lord!

Beloved, the only hold the devil can have on you is fear. And you must shake it off in faith! You have to say, “I am not going down. God is going to give me a fresh anointing from heaven – He is going to use me!”

Do you believe that God is not finished with you – that He is teaching and training you for better things? He wants to speak to you in your cave of despondency. He wants to tell you what to do and where to go – and He wants to bring you out!

So get up out of your despair and shake off the bondage of fear and depression! Depart from your cave. You will discover that the moment you get up and walk out, the anointing will flow!

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